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Never been so easy!

Grow a fuller, healthier and thicker beard in 2 easy steps with our beard growth kit! Whether you want to fix your patchy beard, get thicker beard hair, fill in some bald spots or want to grow a full beard, the beard growth kit is the solution to achieve a good looking beard.


We all have inactive 'sleeping' follicles laying in a resting phase underneath the skin which create those patchy spots in your beard. 

The Beard Derma Roller creates microscopic channels in your skin with titanium spikes which maximizes your blood circulation and absorption of the Beard Activator Serum.

The Beard Activator Serum wakes up your dormant 'sleeping' follicles and stimulates new hair growth. The Beard Serum contains a powerful active ingredient, Capilia Longa, which combined with the beard derma roller has been scientifically proven to be a treatment to increase rapidly facial hair growth.


After a clinical test of the beard growth kit, using the derma roller and the beard activator serum, we noticed that 97% of the men got a faster growth rate, thicker beard, new facial hairs and a stronger beard.



Made with 3 natural ingredients (Capilia Longa, Arginine and Biotin) activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth


With 540 titanium needles, the derma roller maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the inactive hair follicles


Beard growths better when your skin is clean. This alcohol based desinfectant cleans your beard derma roller before every usage.


A little reminder to you that your important journey of growing a spotless beard will make you the most groomed man in the room.


STEP 1- Use the beard derma roller on the desired areas twice a week, so the skin have time to regenerate itself. Remember to clean the beard derma roller with the sanitizer before every use.

STEP 2- Apply 2 pumps of the beard activator serum every morning and let it dry naturally. Do not rinse.

STEP 3- Use it for at least 150 days, and let the beard grow.

That's exactly what I needed. Now I have a full beard. Nice!!!

Alex Weimann

This Beard Growth Kit helped me to get a nice Beard.

Mike Lang

You need to buy it, it really helps!!!

Kevin Sander

It took me just 2 month to get a beard. This really help!!

Jack Herons

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